About Us

I am Emelisa Ombing, me and my husband Efren Bedia from Manila, Philippines tried our luck to stay here in Canada. I graduated BS Computer Science and worked in Global Logistics Company for 10 years in APL Logistics before I came in Canada. My husband Efren graduated BS Hotel Management and worked in a five star Hotel in Manila.

In 2007 I applied to become a housekeeper when I heard of an opening in Fairmont Hotsprings through the help of a good friend Carmen, in 2008 I got my visa to enter Canada and was granted a work permit. In 2011 I was given the opportunity to stay as permanent resident with the help of my former employer Sunchaser Vacation Villas. After getting our Permanent Residency I was able to bring my husband and son to Canada. Efren started to work as a private care aid in invermere. Early 2012 we both decided to take the course for Health Care Aid Program to be able to start a new profession in the healthcare field.

In July 2012, a Korean couple who owned a cleaning business based in Fairmont named “Magic Cleaning” decided to venture another business in Vancouver. They offered their cleaning business to us, my husband Efren and I saw the great potential, so we decided to buy the business and give it a try. We've changed the name to “JBenedict Cleaning Services”, named after our eldest son John Benedict because we believe that he indeed is our lucky charm. He was a survivor for being born pre term and weight only 2 pounds, but despite of that he grew into a very smart and kind hearted boy.

It was a difficult start because we both were going to school at that time, so we had do our cleaning work after school. We started with 15 active clients and I personally was handling all the cleaning jobs. My housekeeping background and my husband’s hotel background in the Philippines was a big help to build a good team. Almost all our clients were very happy with our services and they recommended us to other potential clients. As a result our business has increased to 40 cleaning clients, and we now also offer commercial cleaning, move out/move in, construction clean, deep cleaning. With the increased work load we decided to hire sub contract cleaners. It was a good feeling that we can help some people to earn extra money too.

In 2014 we were given a chance to acquire another business the "Invermere Dry Cleaning and Laundromat" which we are now part owners. Along with this, we were selected to provide hotel management and housekeeping services for the newly purchased "Radium Chalet", a 17 unit hotel in Radium Hot Springs. Despite of running three businesses Efren decided to stay with his care aid job as that is his passion. Our goal for this company is to maintain excellent service to home and commercial owners, to grow and bring in more clients, and to give our sub contract cleaners the opportunity to earn extra income.

In 2019, we have ventured to another city which is Kelowna to offer our services focusing mainly with Janitorial, Strata , Construction , Commercial cleaning with added services of Carpet Cleaning and Window cleaning as well.

It will be an unstoppable ventures as we go with this cleaning field. Our goal is to help the business owners maintain their property and establishment in a good shape and to help other employees and subcontractors to have extra income. As the cleaning demand is a continous job.

We are thankful and appreciate all those who continually support our business. Mabuhay!